We welcome first time blogger Nathan to FlamesForum.com. He’ll be posting a Flames article soon but for starters here’s a bit on Sundin. If you’d like to blog for FlamesForum.com visit our ‘Join the team‘ page and learn more. Here’s Nathan….

Should Mats Sundin make up his mind? Yes, definitely.

I bet Mats is actually using a Magic 8 Ball to decide his hockey future. I can picture it. Sundin is in his house in Sweden furnished by IKEA (Do lots of people in Sweden furnish their homes with IKEA products? I’m very curious to find out) and I see Mats staring intently. Concentrating. Channeling his thoughts. Praying this will be the day the Ball will finally give us the answer we’re all waiting for… “Magic 8 Ball? Should I play hockey this season?” Mats gives the all knowing Ball a strong/firm shake. He stops abruptly. Closes his eyes. Gathers composure. He then, slowly rotates the ball to reveal his outcome.

– Ask again later –

He does ask again. And again. And again. Because everytime he asks the Ball the most important question in his career it comes up with the same 3 words over and over. Then Mats just gets frustrated and throws the Ball at his plasma TV. The purple fluid explodes out of its plastic casing as the TV falls from its wall mount. Mats just destroyed his TV. How is he going to watch his House DVDs now?

Just kidding Mats, I’m just trying to add humour to this situation.

It’s been almost two months since I blogged about Sundin. And quite frankly, I wish I could talk about how he’s going to fare with the team he decided to play for. Or how he’s had a fabulous career and congrats on retiring. I’ll throw a party for you. Unfortunately, I’m writing about how he still hasn’t made up is mind. I for one think he has. I think Mats sub-consciously has retired. He doesn’t know it yet. But he has. Sportscentre and Connected have reported that Mats has been fishing and golfing this Summer. Sounds like retirement to me.

But, I could be wrong. I don’t know Mats on a personal level. I’m not his older brother Bob Sundin. I don’t know what this guy’s thinking. I do hope he decides soon because I’m getting tired of all the reminders sports reporters feel we need to have. Speaking on behalf of everyone, we’re going to assume he hasn’t decided yet. You don’t need to tell us he still deciding. We know.

In fact it’s getting harder to watch a sports news shows simply because there’s a Sundin tidbit that we have to endure. This is what it’s been like for the whole Summer:

– “Sundin is reportedly interested in joining The City Noun(s)”. The next day JP Barry (Sundin’s agent) tells us that the reports are false and Mats is still deciding.

– One week later, Sundin says he needs more time. He’ll probably have a decision made by August 1st. (Note: Notice the ‘probably’, that word is important for later)

– One week after that, a new team is interested in Mats Sundin. Barry tells us he’s still deciding.

– 2 days later, a hockey website tells us Sundin’s vacation agenda.

– August 1st has arrived. But, we misinterpreted. He meant sometime in August. Not the first day in August silly.

– 2nd/3rd week in August. Before training camp. For sure. Probably. Most likely not.

– Entering September. He’ll let us know during the season.

During the season? Really? I thought you were supposed to start with training camp Mats, isn’t that why you didn’t waive your no-trade? Hey whatever. It’s your choice. It’s your life. But make your decision soon, it’s starting to wear on people. Including your own agent (You can hear it in his voice, he’s tired of the Sundin questions).

One more thing: Not Vancouver please.

Thanks Mats.