In one of those days where Calgary sports fans were in a conundrum, the Calgary Stampeders kicked-off at 8PM, the Flames concluded their pre-season at home against their provincial rivals the Edmonton Oilers. The spirited fight filled affair saw the Flames come from behind and win in OT thanks to ex-Oiler Curtis Glencross.

Overall assessment of the Flames? They have problems at D, they’ll have to let two vets go it seems in Ericksson and Warrener for cap reasons.

On forward, more problems. Lundmark, Boyd, Prust, maybe even Primeau are all on the bubble, surprisingly the first two on two-way contracts. Boyd will stay after his great pre-season. Roy is not so great with the fists but he’s a better hockey player than we’ve had in a while (goon wise).

Jarome Iginla is in form, same with Kipper, but Bertuzzi seems lost still. ALthough he left hurt it seems the speedy Cammalleri would be a better fit? We’ll see as lines are juggled all season.

Notes: Todd Bertuzzi left the game mid-way through the first with an ankle injury and did not return. Fight filled game