TSN released their prospected point getter list out and Jarome Iginla has hit #8. Interesting pick given the company he has and his results last year (3rd in league scoring). Here’s how it rounded out:

1Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh3875113
2Alexander OvechkinWashington5948107
3Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay4754101
4Joe ThorntonSJ2647101
5Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh425799
6Pavel DatsyukDetroit306595
7Dany HeatleyOttawa454691
8Jarome IginlaCalgary434790
9Henrik ZetterbergDetroit414990
10Marian HossaDetroit404989

While we see a tight race, we don’t think Iginla will be #8, perhaps in the top five is a better indicator. And to think that Lecalvalier will turn out his best season. Thornton isn’t due for a ‘break out year’ and fourth in scoring. You can definitley argue two Penguins will be in the top five along with a Flame, Detroit, and, of course new Mr. Hockey Ovechkin who has greater longevity than Crosby.

That would pit the top point getters in FlamesForum.com’s opinion at.

1Alexander OvechkinWashington5948107
2Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh3864103
3Jarome IginlaCalgary475097
4Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh425796
5Pavel DatsyukDetroit306595
6Dany HeatleyOttawa454793
7Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay435092
8Joe ThorntonSan Jose266591
9Henrik ZetterbergDetroit414990
10Ilya KovalchukAtlanta404989