Fans Pissed for Paying PPV Fee for Garbage

Re-match from last season’s opening playoff series, only problem, just one team showed up. The Calgary Flames left home to fly to San Jose to play against the nearly perfect SJ Sharks. Turns out they should have stayed on the plane. When playing against the elite teams, Calgary, still, year after year, are marginal at best. Mike Keenan attempted to rouse the troops in Calgary against Toronto and succeeded to some degree thinking he found gold with an Iginla Boyd Glencross line. Nothing translated to success tonight.

Game Lost in One Minute in the First

Stats in the first period alone, total shots, 20 SJ – 5 Flames, total penalties, 4, total goals against, 4, one sided reffing? Sure, hooks called on one end were not reciprocated, same with interference, blame the refs for changing the outcome of the first sure, blame them for soft and bogus calls in the third (both ways), but that doesn’t change Calgary simply being horribly outclassed yet again.

Keenan experimented with a new top line and was burned with zero offence. He experimented with Pardy and Glencross on the PK and was BURNED for three powerplay goals. Chaulk up a ‘blame point’ against the coach for inabilities of running a PK and start players. Mind you, he doesn’t lace up the skates…..

Calgary didn’t even try to claw back (don’t blame the flu) in the second, instead giving up a goal in the first minute. Luckily though (?) it was McElhinney in net. No point covering such a loser team when they fail to show up, I just feel sorry for those who paid the 10 bucks for PPV. Final score above.

Notes: Pardy factors into the lineup regularly with the absence of Vandermeer for an extended period of time. He was victimized for penalties and shotty defensive play on the PK. Another solution perhaps in the works?