After one slump and one jump, the flaming C’s (12-9-1) head off to the coast to challenge their western conference rivals, the Vancouver Canucks who are 14-6-2. Albeit the stats are notoriously in favour of the Canucks who rank #3 in the western conference division, but the game on Tuesday night proved that the Flames (#7) are a jubilant team who can work miracles on ice should they so desire.

The major threat: R. Luongo

On the plus side, the master mind behind the bench has organized his team in such a way that even the BCG (third) line – Bourque, Conroy and Glencross plays like the top unit. The feisty forwards have become more talented of late in terms of puck control, shots on goals and controlling the boards. Both the defence and forwards work unanimously to reduce Kiprussoff’s workload. Obviously, the visiting team will have to remain dominant on ice and disregard the unfavourable statistics. They will have to persevere to overpower their opponents on ice, shots, goals; and controlling the boards. In sum, the Flames will have to take advantage of their successful power play and penalty killing statistics.

Focus: One win at a time

Stay tuned for the best of the west on SNET-W, Thursday, November 27th at 8:00 pm.
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