The Calgary Flames landed in Detroit at 3:30 AM local time thanks to some ridiculous scheduling and bad weather. Thankfully, the Flames put in a valiant effort in a bid to regain top spot in the West Division. Coming off an inconsistent effort in Montreal, Calgary put in two solid periods but succumbed to the overpowering Detroit team. Calgary lost to an elite hockey team, Calgary is not an elite NHL team. However, they are a much improved team that is doing just that, improving game in game out.

Curtis Mchelhinney started in goal, behind told a few hours before game time. The rookie recorded his third start in his early career and could only be blamed for one goal where he lost control of the rebound (which was the tying goal). All in all he had a very solid game that should only help the team and his confidence down the road.

On the flip side, Calgary came out hard and took an early 2-0 lead. Moss, Conroy, and Langkow factored into the scoring. On the flipside, Iginla, Phaneuf, and Cammalleri were defensive liabilities YET AGAIN. The Detroit team poured on the pressure in the third, slowly gaining momentum from the three Calgary delay of the game penalties.

That’s just it, again. If you’ve read you’ve heard about our cry about the inconsistent Flames play. Same thing tonight. Almost a complete game but areas that need help, areas that if solved so the PRO players respond predictably for ENTIRE 60 minute games, would elevate this team to something special.

Calgary squandered two points but luckily got one. They return home from their road trip 2-1-1.