The Calgary Flames entered their first home game after a eastern road-swing hoping to prevent a three game lose streak. Unfortunately, in order to win, Calgary needs to have their stars show up. That means Dion Phaneuf, a defenceman, plays defence, and Jarome Iginla, 7 million dollar point man, scores goals. Neither happened, again, and to ad misery to pain, Conroy was the center all game for Iginla. We have always maintained the third line C should do just that, stay on the first line. As a result Calgary’s top two lines produced nothing but minuses.

All attention has been on Bertuzzi, no goals since the beginning of November. I think the attention is undue, because it’s Dion Phanuef taking two minute shifts and Jarome Iginla who haven’t been scoring. Phaneuf has 3 goals all year, Iginla hasn’t dominated a game since the Nashville comeback. Yes, there are problems in the Flames camp from the dead powerplay to the lack of lines 1-2 scoring.

The game opened with promise with Calgary dominating. Florida struck first, even though they have zero big name players. Calgary answer back, twice, and Rene Bourque scored. Secondary scoring exists for Calgary this year, that’s great, what doesn’t exist is first line scoring, the stars are still MIA and Calgary could easily be an elite team with some decent first line production that’s consistent.

Regular time solved nothing, nor did OT, so for the first time this season the Flames faced the shoot-out. Kiprusoff stood tall on shots 1-2, Calgary missed their chances (Cammalleri off the post). Jarome Iginla, predictable and boring a la Sean Avery, shot as usual and missed. Stephen Weiss on the other hand scored as the last shooter and gave Florida the win.

Another disappointing loss for a team that’s at the cap limit and could be doing much much more.

Notes: Flames on a limp include Prust, Glencross, and Vandermeer. Glencross came out with a limp after this game. Pardy continues to improve and Phaneuf and Giordano are taking steps back in terms of defensive effectiveness. A change in pairings may be in order.