The winning streak ends at two for the Flames as they lose 3-2 in over time against the Chicago Blackhawks. Something certainly seemed amiss in their performance as they stumbled on home ice. Despite the disappointing loss, congratulations are in place for the Captain, Jarome Iginla who accomplished his 800th career point.

The Flames opened the score at the 6:44 marker of the 1st as Rene Bourque beat Khabibulin with an even strength wrist shot goal. Iginla and Conroy drew the two assists. The Flames looked dominant out shooting the Hawks 10-11 in the 1st and it certainly seemed that things were going well for the home team.

Chicago tallied at the 1.08 marker of the 2nd with an even strength goal which surprised Kiprusoff. However, it was Todd Bertuzzi’s slashing penalty that gave the Hawks a lead at the 6.24 marker of the 2nd. Albeit, it didn’t take very long before Moss tied the game with another wrist shot. This time it was Rene Bourque who drew the single assist. Shots on goal were even at 11. The Flames showed more dominance coming into the 3rd out shooting their opponents 12-9 however Khabibulin stood tall and denied their attempts to hit the target. Alas, this necessitated the most dreaded overtime.

The Flames’ performance in overtime was sluggish with no shots at Khabibulin while giving up a goal within 23 seconds into the overtime – A goal that was set up by Toews who passed it to Duncan Keith. This over time victory marked the 6th straight win for the Blackhawks and the Flames had to settle for one point.

In sum, the Flames showed more offence out shooting the Blackhawks 34-31. However, they were 0-4 on the power play and gave up one power play goal to plummet their penalty killing statistics to 85.14%. Rene Bourque was selected as the 3rd star with one goal and one assist.