In their second game in as many days the Calgary Flames, along with workhouse Miikka Kiprusoff, staged off against the Chicago Blackhawks who returned themselves to the indoor rink after their stint against Detroit at Wrigley Field. Calgary had difficulty getting going in the first period and would have been embarrassed if it weren’t for some timely saves by Kiprusoff. Instead, Calgary only dropped behind by one at the end of the first period.

Europeans Continue Dive Fest a la Havlat

Calgary started the second in better shape reestablishing their forecheck. A series of fights that the Flames won seemed to tip in Chicago’s favour nonetheless. The Flames started to succumb to the Chicago gameplan. Of course it didn’t help matter either that Dion Phaneuf, Lombardi, and Iginla all took nights off. Lombardi was completely uninterested in the game and caused the fourth goal. Phaneuf coughed up the puck that lead to a short-handed goal. All-in all, the star players of Calgary continue to disappoint fans mightily.

To close the second, Martin Havlat felt a breeze on his back and took a monstrous dive that the refs bought. Off went Conroy yet again before Chicago scored again with 1 second left in the period. That was a three goal lead heading into the third period and another indication that the Calgary Flames don’t come close to top teams in the league.

Coach Keenan refuses to start McElhinney starts on back-to-back games but gave him some work in the third period pulling Kiprusoff after his two periods of work. Calgary drew within two from Langkow’s PP goal with Iginla getting a helper.

Curtis Glencross had a chance to draw the team within one short-handed but missed a wide open net. Nikolai Khabibulin yet again maintained his absolute dominance over the Calgary Flames who couldn’t get more than two past the netminder.

Notes: The top line and Phaneuf were again minus players (-13 total) and barely contributed to the score sheet. Jamie Lundmark was recalled before the CHicago game in hopes of adding some life….or perhaps a trade is in the works for Lombardi.