Calgary won their fourth game in a row and handed San Jose’s first loss of the season on home ice. The Flames looked out of place early in the game going down within the first minute from a Ryan Clowe goal. Luckily the roadteam found their legs in the second, and although there were some funny line combos (Vandermeer on the second line wing?) they managed to create and maintain momentum.

The second period was perhaps the most important that saw the Flames kill of successive penalties including a lengthy 5v3, but also score two goals to tie the game going into the third.

With 3 minutes to play it was Dion Phaneuf who gave the Flames their first lead scoring his first goal in 25 games. That’s right, his lucky deflection was his first in 25 games, and if you’re counting, that’s 1.5 million per goal.

The Flames are now showing signs that they may be a contender to go deep in this year’s playoffs with wins against quality teams like San Jose. Despite the fact top players fail to succeed, and dare I say are currently slumping, the rest of the squad pulls together to find ways to win. Another two points for the good guys.

Notes: Jarome Iginla yet another quiet night with 1 A and -1. Kipper in net again, hopefully McElhinney plays against Phoenix to give him a rest. Bertuzzi out for his second game in a row. The Flames are 9 points ahead of Vancouver with 3 games in hand.