Mike Cammalleri’s second hat trick of the season along with goals from Bertuzzi and Phaneuf enabled the Flames outscore the Buffalo Sabres in a 5-2 victory. This accomplishment had been the consequence of a collective effort: Aucoin, Conroy; Iginla, and Kiprusoff made outstanding plays for these possible connections; the team out shot their opponents 43-27 and the penalty killers killed all but one penalty. Well done Flames!

Likewise, the 3-1 victory over the Predators espoused the third straight and 30th win for the Flames. Lombardi, Roy and Aucoin were the successful connectors for the Flames while Glencross, Moss, Nystrom, Boyd, Cammalleri and Langkow were the significant contributors who made these outcomes possible. After capitalizing on three power play goals in two games, their power play averages 19.56% and their penalty killing remains effective at 85.85%. Accordingly, they are now 11-9-1 on the road and 19-5-3 on home ice with a total of 64 points. Consequently, the Flames ended the month of January with a total of 8 wins and 3 losses and proceed to play the first four games with their western conference counterparts, two of which are on the road and two at home.

Game 49: Flames in Denver. Monday at 7:30 pm Sportsnet.

The first meeting will be on the 2nd with the Colorado Avalanche who rank 13th in the division and 22nd in the league. Having played 49 games, the Avalanche 23-25-1 has 14 wins 12 losses and 0 ties on home ice. The Flames have already won twice (Oct 14 and 28th), but lost on January 18th. This loss had primarily been due to a rough schedule. Having said this, although the Avalanche has a better home record, the Flames have a better winning record in general and their power play/penalty killing status surpasses their counterparts. Should they become more effective at capitalizing on man advantages, they can counter their opponents to establish a better road record.

Game 50: Flames in Dallas. February 5th at 6:30 pm Sportsnet

En route to Dallas on Tuesday, the Flames battle the Stars who rank 9th in the western conference and 20th in NHL standings. Alas, the Stars had defeated them by a 3-1 margin on Dec 2nd; however, the Flames have improved considerably (offensively and defensively) since. More importantly, they seem to be focusing more on collaborative efforts than on individual accomplishments and this has been their key to success. On a statistical forefront, the Dallas Stars are 22-18-7 with a home record of 12-6-4. Their power play and penalty killing statistic is less effective than the Flames (16.02%: 77.96% respectively) and as such, the Flames will have a much better stand on these two fronts.

Game 51: Flames host the Chicago Blackhawks 7:30 pm TSN

On 5th of February, the Flames host the Chicago Blackhawks who rank 4th in the western conference division; and 10th in the league. With a total of 26-13-8 and 60 points, they are only four points behind the Flames. On the downside though, the opposition’s power play and penalty killing percentage is marginally higher (21.05%: 81.73%) and the home team will have to somehow surpass these statistics. Secondly, the Flames had been defeated by the Blackhawks in the last three encounters, but conspicuously, the loss on December 19th had occurred in over time and this should be accounted as a plus and add some hope for the Flames. Besides, the Blackhawks have won fewer games overall and their road record encompasses 12-9-3. From a positive perspective, the Flames can pursue their current optimistic strategies, work harder cohesively and focus on their game plan to accomplish one more win on home ice.

Game 52: Flames host the Anaheim Ducks February 7th at 1:00 pm PPV

In this afternoon game, the Flames host the Anaheim Ducks who rank 8th in the western conference and 16th in the league. They have a total of 24 wins 22 losses and 5 ties with an accumulated 53 points. Statistically, they have 11-11-2 on the road, a slightly stronger power play but weaker penalty killing (22.45%:80.78%) percentage. Of note, both the teams have won and lost a game a piece, but from a fan’s perspective, the Calgary Flames have the tenacity to work miracles on ice of late and they have had more successes with the teams who have higher statistical advantage. Conclusively, if the Flames can attain a total of 72 points this week, it will serve as a buffer and prepare them for greater challenges in the future.

p.s. This Saturday game will only be available on pay per view and online.

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Statistics as of January 30th.