It’s not every team in the league that gets booed out of its own building for three straight losses, but this is the new Flames, the one where winning is an expectation. Too bad they haven’t found their winning ways in February.

No amount of pep talk from the GM, the captain, and stick slamming could get the Flames ready for the game. 30 seconds in the team was down 1-0. They trailed the rest of the way, Chicago, riding a high, dominated Calgary, outhitting, better defense, and scoring more goals. The only thing both teams could share was crummy special teams play, particularly Calgary on the PP who had 8 minutes straight on the PP in the second but didn’t produce a chance.

There’s no looking back for this team, if they don’t improve their play by returning to the gritty in your face speed that’s brought them to first in the NW division. Anaheim is in town Saturday for an early game, and it could be a forth loss if the Flames don’t look in the mirror in a hurry.