Sitting at the game and watching the final minutes of a successful Flames victory over divisional rivals Minnesota one was surprised to see five goals scored, and the Wild play such a bad game. The fourth line put in some valuable minutes and got to play out the game in the final moments.

What was unexpected as well was Derek Boogaard’s blatant attempt to injure Brandon Prust. Coming in off the wing late he crushed Prust with an elbow straight to the jaw. Prust just returned from a broken jaw so you knew Boogaard was aware and tried to re-injure Prust.

Thankfully, the league took notice of the cowardly act and slapped Boogaard his surprisingly first suspension, a five game hit.

Here is the hit to review, really pathetic when you see it.


Some bloggers are lamenting how the suspension is unfair. I think not, however, would agree that the NHL has zero continuity when it comes to suspensions.