Apparently Giordano is out for a longer time than we expected. Calgary is bringing back stay at home D man Leopold who posses some puck moving skills. What’s surprising is what’s going back to Colorado. Lawrence Nycholat, a prospect (Ryan Wilson), and a second round pick.

If you recall we claimed Lawrence Nycholat off NHL waivers yesterday. Sutter was prepared to give up a draft pick to acquire a depth defenceman and now they have and then some.

In other deadline news, the Flames shipped off one of their goalie prospects freeing up the logjam in the minors. Lelande played in the AHL and ECHL teams for the Flames. Matt keetley will likely go back up to the AHL squad now. Calgary got a 4th round pick (about right?) in return from Columbus.

Leopold is in his last year at 1.5 million before becoming an unrestricted free agent. A prospect and a pick for a rental player?

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