Welcome to Hockey Night in Canada

Highlights of the week: Jordan Leopold and Olli Jokinen have proven to be noteworthy members of the Calgary Flames Hockey Club and are warmly welcomed. Unfortunately, Todd Bertuzzi underwent surgery and is anticipated to be out for a month. The departing players (Matthew Lombardi and Brandon Prust) are recognized for their valued contributions and wished the best in their future endeavours.

The week of March 7th encompassed a couple of inspiring insights. David Moss notched his first NHL career hat trick in the 6-3 win against the Ottawa Senators and while the Captain earned the title of 2nd star, he continues to spark his team. With two wins and two losses, the Flames subsequently continue their road trip with four games spaced out with a day’s break in between. Following is their itinerary for the week: –

Game 66: Flames visit the Thrashers in Atlanta on March 8th @ 1:00 pm

This afternoon game will be televised on Sportsnet. The Thrashers are 24-35-6 and rank 29th in the league. Their home record encompasses 12 wins, 18 losses and 2 ties. Their power play performance is marginally higher than the Flames, and approximates 19.62%, however, their penalty killing percentage is much lower at 75.27%. Yet, it is important to bear in mind that the Thrashers had defeated the Flames by a score of 6-4 on March 13, 2008.

Game 67: En route to New Jersey @ 5:00 pm on PPV

On March 10th, the Flames visit the Devils who rank 4th in the league. With a total of 87 points, the Devils are 42-19-3, and have surpassed the Flames by a count of 3 more wins. Albeit the Devil’s power play, like the thrashers is slightly higher at 19.66% but their penalty killing is also lower at 82.07% and their home record is 22-10-1.

This game (#67) will also be available on line.

Game 68: Flames face the Red Wings in Detroit at 5:00 pm on Sportsnet

In Detroit on March 12th, the Flames challenge their western conference counterparts (43-14-8) who rank 3rd in the NHL. The Red Wings have a total of 94 points and a home record of 24-4-3. The only significant factor for the Flames to watch for is their high power play percentage, which averages 27.27%. To counter this statistic, the Detroit’s penalty killing is 77.74%, which is presumably quite low.

Game 69: Flames in Toronto @ 5:00 pm on CBC

The Flames finish their road trip for the week in Toronto on Saturday the 14th. The Maple Leafs (26-26-13) rank 23rd in the league and have accumulated a total of 65 points. Their home record encompasses 11-11-9 with a power play and penalty killing percentages of 19.48% and 75.30%. respectively. On a favorable note, the Flames had defeated their eastern conference counterparts on November 11th by a score of 4-3.

Conclusively, the Flames (39-20-6) have a total of 84 points, and are just 10 points behind the Detroit Red Wings. With a total of 17 wins, 12 losses and 2 ties on the road, they rank 6th in the league. With the exception of Detroit’s statistical disadvantage, the Flames have comparable power play and penalty killing statistics, which approximates 19.08% and 84.78% respectively. Although their winning streak ended in Carolina, the Flames are now equipped to regain the momentum that was apparent in Ottawa. Despite the unanticipated absences and injuries to Bertuzzi, Bourque, Giordano and Langkow, they have definitely demonstrated team spirit; needless to say, Mike Cammalleri and Craig Conroy have been consistently productive along with the rest of the members of the Flames Hockey Club.

Please note, Peter Maher and Mike Rogers will host all the above games on the Fan 960.

Statistics as of Mar 7th