Dion Phaneuf is Killing the Team

*I shut down this post-game after the second period so it’s incomplete. I couldn’t be bothered to write anymore*

Cudos to Columbus, this team is going to make the playoffs and the fans are loving. Shame, shame, SHAME, on the Calgary Flames who can’t be bothered to even adhere to a simple gameplan. While other teams ramp up the intensity during the playoff push, the Flames fall not one, but two steps behind ALL opposing teams.

If the playoffs started today this would be the first round matchup. The Flames would be DONE in FOUR if that was the case because they don’t have heart to compete. They have skill, look at the gamesheet, it’s their heart that’s the big problem (and that starts with star players).

The main problems are certain ‘star players’. I understand one cannot subject undue pressure to mostly young hockey players, but when you pull in big man money, then you better produce on the ice.

Not so for Dion Phaneuf. The defenceman is a 6 million dollar player and is a consistent liability on the ice. He is a minus hockey player, is on the ice for AT MINIMUM one goal against PER GAME and is on pace for a career low in every category.

Top Lines Fail to Produce YET Again

Let’s not forget Jarome Iginla, hasn’t scored in seven games. Before that it was 15. What’s the problem? Other people are scoring? Sure. Is he picking up his game? Maybe, but it’s not translating on the scoresheet and where it counts–the win column.

When your best player is Eric Nystrom and your your top line is the fourth line you have HUGE problems with motivation and preparation. Does the team even care anymore? Seems like my prediction of a first round exit and 5th place will be reality by next week.

The first period saw Calgary consistently breaking down in their own zone. A new player every game blows an assignment. Glencross yesterday, Moss today. Before you knew it Calgary was down 2-0.

Powerplay Horrific AGAIN

Calgary had PLENTY of chances to tie the game with NUMEROUS powerplay opportunities but they hardly got a shot on net LET ALONE took a shot on net. A lengthy TWO man advantage at the tail end of the first warranted two shots. That you can thank Dion Phaneuf, the ‘QB’ on the PP. Hey KEENAN, you think you’ve taken notes and benched the fool.

It’s too late to take Phaneuf out of games; frankly he should’ve been benched earlier in the season. One game out would’ve turned his game around and the team wouldn’t have to put up with a headless PP. Keenan has tried everything but putting Iginla in charge of the PP. Jokinen is no help

Notes: Bertuzzi made a quick recovery and returned tonight. His presence was evident but it didn’t help the laboring Flames.