With Vancouver now in line to take over the top of the division will continue their tank to the bottom. Actually, when you think of it, how have years changed expectations. Before it was barely squeaking into the playoffs, now it’s pissed off fans going on about the loss of first place.

Fact is, Calgary is slumping and perhaps the least threatening team going into the playoffs. The good news is, they are turning it around, and for the most part skated with San Jose, the league’s best.

Special teams are still broke. They cost the FLames the game. No goals on the PP, and two mental breakdown in the first period. Conroy for hooking, and Aucoin for delay of game, both avoidable, both around the same time, both combining to give SJ a 5v3 advantage.

Since SJ is SJ and not Calgary, they scored on their man advantage.

Iginla responded for the Flames, his first goal in eight games.

The top line, of course, being the top line, were also on the ice for eventual g ame winner for SJ, getting caught in their own end.

The good news as stated, the Flames are putting their game back together. The bad news? Vancouver has all the momentum going into the home stretch.

Notes: Line combos are still confusing and are hurting the Flames. Cammalleri, the teams’ highest goal scorer is playing third line minutes. Let’s try to put our stars together and hope for the best! Glencross is a third liner! Eventually Bertuzzi found the first line but alas, too little too late for a slumping top line.