Pathetic Showing from Referees Marginally Worse Than Flames Effort

Minnesota going into the game were four points out of playoff spot, not exactly the NW division powerhouse they’ve been in the past. Perfect set up for Calgary to get rolled (that’s bad). Now it’s Calgary at the top, but with the Flames collectively filling their hockey pants with crap two points are never a gimmie.

Compound their problems with cap issues and injuries, and you have the the near perfect storm. Aucoin, Sarich, and Regher were out with injuries. That meant moves needed to be made. Pelech and John Negrin (fresh from the WHL) came up while Peters and surprisingly Dustin Boyd, were sent down.

That meant only 10 forwards and six D men, certainly a reason to pack up and leave. With first place on the line that wasn’t an option, to make matters worse the referees were bent doing their part to make the perfect crap storm sweeping Calgary’s way.

The debacle began almost at the beginning when Calgary appeared to score but the referee quickly blew the whistle before the puck crossed the line.

Penalties were a problem too, the difference why Calgary was called for two was because Minnesota has as serious case of the dives and Calgary didn’t. I guess one should know who’s reffing so they can adjust their European moves before gametime.

Scoring chances were about equal in the first and second periods with the only difference Calgary didn’t bother to put their chances in the net. Top line produced nothing and Jarome Iginla played the first two periods on the perimeter seemingly a step behind the play.

Champion Teams Don’t Have Disgustingly Bad Powerplays

Although the refs changed the complexion of the game in the first, Calgary had their chances on the powerplay too. But fans know how horrific special teams are so there’s not point stating the obviously downfall that looms on the horizon for this playoff bound team.

The third period saw much of the same as the first two. Calgary struggling, not scoring, squandering chances. Calgary literally missed open net after open net. On the other end, Miikka Kiprusoff let in soft goal after soft goal. McelHinney came into the game for 18 seconds after Kipper let in 2 goals in 20 seconds but came out….another case where the goalie is overplayed? Yes.

Notes: No word on when the defence will be back intact. Changes to over half the team in the last month and a half since the recent losses.

Someone explain how potential home ice and hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Flames owners is worse than fielding a full team. This is the NHL, pay the money to put out a FULL TEAM for pete sake.