Crease Rules: What’s with the double standard?

Crease Rules: What’s with the double standard?

Double Standard Officiating Usually Doesn’t Occur in the NHL

Remember the Wild game when Calgary had two goals disallowed in 36 seconds? You know the one, where Glencross was the culprit twice? The league had this to say about Glencross standing just OUTSIDE of the crease.

“Even though at the time of the goal he’s not bumping him, if the goalie can’t do his job, it’s no goal. There was incidental contact and the goalie was distracted and unable to get set for the shot. You can’t visually interfere while the goalie is doing his job in the blue paint.”

Fast forward to the overtime tilt in Game 1 between Calgary and Chicago. Andrew ladd comes barreling down, gets touched by Leopold, and winds up in Kiprusoff’s lap. Result? Goal. Not even an explanation was given for the blown call.

The fact the league came out and said something against re: the Minnesota game, and said nothing after the Calgary game, leaves one shaking their head. Do the rules really change in the playoffs?

How can new fans comprehend rules and regulations when there is a clear double standard going on?

NHL rule 69.3 states: “If an attacking player establishes a significant position within the goal crease, so as to obstruct the goalkeeper’s vision and impair his ability to defend his goal, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed.”

Yet another reason why the officials crapped their pants in Game 1. Do’nt even get me started with Byfuligen’s intentional slew foot on Kiprusoff….

Currently Keenan is doing a good job leveraging this press and deflecting attention away from the team. One can only hope Calgary gets so pissed of that they steal Game 2 in a big way.

3 thoughts on “Crease Rules: What’s with the double standard?

  1. I’m in total agreement with you. I hate to sound like a whinner but as far as I’m concerned the Flames won the Cup back in 2004 but oh no, another blown call that goes against the Flames. As you said, I hope this starts a fire under the Flames and they come out with even more determination now. Go Flames Go!!!

  2. I never, ever believed in an NHL conspiracy against ANY team, but it is a fact that an American team brings in tons and I mean tons of more revenue and also greatly increases exposure to the NHL.

  3. Talking of double standard? It does not come as a surprise at all. Come to think of it if they could not see the goal in 2004/05….they can see nothing. But the Flames are not the only victims here. Look what happened in Pittsburgh last night? Who would have believed the Flyers being two men short in OT. One thing is for sure, elite teams need more favors than non elite things because they have to maintain their repertoire. And it isn’t about more revenue….. there is more spice than one can spell. Once it was Oilers who reigned, today somebody else does.

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