Chicago leads series: Flames this week (Apr 19-25th)

Chicago leads series: Flames this week (Apr 19-25th)

Hello Hockey fans,

Iginla notches a power play goal with assists from Cammalleri and Phaneuf !

Albeit the Flames lost two games to the Chicago Blackhawks, but their performance overall had been good considering the three overlooked penalties and the goal tender interference being the reason why the Chicago Blackhawks had been able to score in extra time (Game 1).

Despite the good start in Game 2 and the Flames’ efforts to increase their shots on goal, the second loss had been equally disillusioning because of their inability to sustain the two-goal lead. Nevertheless, the Flames still have a chance to tie the series in the forthcoming two games on home ice.

Game 3. Monday, April 20 7:30 p.m. Chicago at Calgary
Game 4. Wednesday, April 22 8:00 p.m. Chicago at Calgary

Of course, the response from the president had been discouraging, but the Flames will have to put these biases aside and focus on their strengths. The keys to Games 3 and 4 will be their defensive fore-checking and their determination not to let go easily. We need bodies to shadow the opponent’s offense (Toews will have to be looked after); and we need the Flames’ offence to hit the target. WE NEED THE FLAMES TO SHOW THEIR BEST….


Please note that all the games will be televised courtesy of TSN. Peter Maher and Mike Rogers will host a play-by-play commentary as usual.

13 thoughts on “Chicago leads series: Flames this week (Apr 19-25th)

  1. Hang in there Flames – two one-goal losses but you could have won both – GOTTA BELIEVE! Let’s win two at home. Coach Keenan, how about giving the Langkow, Iginla, Cammallari combo a real long look? Also, Boyd and Nystrom energize the team with their hard work when they’re out there – give them a decent skate. I’d like to see Conroy with Bourque and Glencross back together as a buzz line and Jokinen with Bertuzzi and Moss crashing the net. Keep Sarich out until he’s healthy and can be effective. GO FLAMES!!!

  2. Robyn we need you badly!!!! You’re the only tunnel of death that knows how to stay on the blueline. That knows your job. Coaches put a mike feed from the press box to the bench so he can guide the misguided. Better defense will give the Flames a better chance at winning.

  3. For gods sake Keenan, keep some lines together for more than a shift, like, how about for a game if you want some 3 period consistency!
    Also Erikksen made me eat crow. Looks like he has picked up his game in the last year or so. Where was he in the last game in place of Pardy?

  4. Fourth line was disappointing Saturday. Line combos need to come through…. Eriksson likely in and Sarich out. No Regher either.

  5. I understand Del. But what I meant was that if the Philadelphia Flyers could beat the hot penguins we can beat the Blackhawks as well. (Positive thinking)

  6. Such a huge game for Calgary tomorrow night. This is easily the biggest game of the year for Calgary and a must win. I never give up hope with this team even though most have or would. Please give us die hard fans a much needed win and give us all you got. We don’t want to be like St.Louis and be down 3-0. Go Flames Go!!!

  7. Sorry anar, I meant no harm, just having a little fun to liven up a rather depressing time with our Flames.

    I do agree tho’, we should remain positive. It’s not like the Flames were wiped out in the first two games. I look forward to a series tie after two games in Calgary.

  8. Thank you for all your inspiration folks. The Flames need to know that the fans are behind them all the way despite the prejudices. Tonight is the night that the Sea of Red should be roaring with excitement to boost their egos. Yes, the Flames can do it. The Philadelphia Flyers showed their colors after a two game deficit on home ice. The Carolina Hurricanes came back also. The Flames too have the potential – if they could defeat the Red Wings and the San Jose Sharks, they can beat the Blackhawks.
    Keep your spirits boys and fight back!! Don’t let minor biases undermine your talents.
    – win on all accounts against your opponents.
    – win the majority of the face-offs
    – Don’t forget your defensive forechecking
    – use your excellent shorthanded chemistry to gain added momentum
    – Aucoin Bertuzzi, Bourque, Boyd, Cammilleri, Conroy, Glencross, Jokinen, Iginla, Langkow, Leopold, Lundmark, Moss, Nystrom, Phaneuf etc.. Aim and hit on the target. We need one more goal than your opponents

    Go Flames Go. It is your night tonight

  9. The Flames have better bring a 60 minute game or it s over.

    Just think, one more win this season instead of the debacle that went down and it would be us up 3-0 on st louis.

  10. Yes, It is true that had we performed better in the regular season, we would be playing the St. Louis Blues but who knows if the score would have been 3-0 Flames? Secondly, there is no point in crying over spilled milk. Whatever happened, happened for a reason. But that is the past and we have to focus on the present. As loyal fans, all we can do is think positve and have confidence in our players. Because, one way or the other, we have to face each team anyways… may be not in the first round but second or third….Nobody knows..One thing is certain. Like Del says: “It’s not like the Flames were wiped out in the first two games.”. So, let’s keep hoping with confidence that the Flames tie the series this week! Go Flames Go….. You can do it…..

  11. It is do or die without any question, anyone that thinks ofterwise is lost and has not seen the last 2 months of the flames melt down. True injuries have played a key role in the collapse. But hear this they need to make a series of this or It will be the last we see Iginla in a flames jersey, he has disappointed me and every fan out there with he’s crap play.
    I may not sound like a flames Fan,but assure you, I have and always will be. I am tried of the same crap game after game. IGINLA role as Captain has come and Gone.
    Good luck tonight boys.

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