Hello hockey fans,

Flames tie series at two and head off to Chicago

The Flames, with an outstanding contributory team effort, even the series from a two game deficit and prolong it to game 5. Excellent performance and congratulations, boys! Even though the game last night unfolded in an unusual way, the home team stood their ground to battle their opponents without two of their key players. Undoubtedly, their initiative and confidence in the last two games had been exceptional, but the series is far from over yet.

Game 5: Saturday, April 25th @ 8.00 pm Flames in Chicago TSN

Indeed, this determination will have to persevere and more work will be optimal in this upcoming game. The Blackhawks are bound to retaliate as the unexpected bounce back (by the Flames) will be an antagonizing factor for them to challenge the visiting team – and the crowd will no doubt be intimidating. Fans can only anticipate that Rene Bourque and Craig Conroy are strong enough to participate in game 5 (health permitting). Seriously, we need all the players to break these pesky Hawks’ momentums.

In conclusion, the Calgary Flames team deserves to be acknowledged for their performance. Players like Glencross, Aucoin, Jokinen, Pardy, Langkow, Vandermeer, Cammalleri, Phaneuf, Nystrom, Iginla, and Sarich have made significant contributions to help the goal scorers maintain the team’s status where it is today; but, all things considered, the Flames will have to be vigilant about puck control; penalty killing; defense; and net minding. You have to put on your best on Saturday, boys.

PS: Peter Maher and Mike Rogers will host a play-by-play commentary as usual.

Notes: Game 3: Goals scored by Nystrom, Bourque and Moss (2)
Game 4: Iginla (2), Jokinen (2), Aucoin, Nystrom