Game Over: Golf for Loser Flames

We were promised a better effort, we got a bunch of no shows. Everyone said the right things, but the only people who showed up for the game was the crowd.

You also got the impression that Todd Bertuzzi is in his own stupid world. After writing a quick tiffy against the pathetic refs of Game 5 where Todd Bertuzzi took a penalty a minute in. The holding call was weak, tonight, it was a high elbow. Gosh, can you really pick on the refs when it’s the same guy getting the same opening penalties?

Who can you blame? One minute in, Bertuzzi does it again in Game 6, the crucial game six. The Chicago Blackhawks score. Then it all falls apart again. Thankfully, another stupid penalty wasn’t called, but the Flames forgot to play defence. The team just collapsed. Three minutes later another goal. Down 2-0 in the first.

Top lines? Nothing, Hitting? Barely. Pride? Left somewhere in March when the Flames crapped their pants. Admittedly injuries have taken a toll. No Phaneuf tonight but alas, toinght, they didn’t even show, again.

No heart for no show Flames

Can you believe it? THE PLAYOFFS, and the CALGARY FLAMES embarrassed themselves by not even bringing a competent game. Blame injuries, blame refs, in reality you can’t, this team tanked from March and continued throughout the playoffs. From Jarome to Jokinen the team was garbage.

Bertuzzi struck again, even though Calgary had great chances in the second, on a too many men penalty. It was so clearly six players playing on the ice, not just one getting caught. Chicago scored on the ensuing PP all but sealing the game closed. Sure, one more period to play, but who cares, a team of losers overwhelmed by a better team on EVERY SINGLE FACET.

Bertuzzi did score one minute into the third, but big deal, he scores once in 15 games and causes 1 per game, not a great trade off. From then on the Flames maintained offensive zone pressure, but couldn’t generate quality chances.

No intensity capped the night. The last ten minutes lacked desperation. Either Calgary sucks really bad, or Chicago is really good. I bit of both I surmise.

No use beating a dead horse, there’s so little to cover from a Calgary perspective. Jarome Iginla was nothing, the top players, nothing, goalie, nothing, defense, beleaguered. That about sums up the last season where this boat sunk HARD.