FlamesForum Prediction True

I was planning on being wrong, in fact, I wanted to be wrong. But it turns out my prediction in March about the first round exit and finishing 5th was EXACTLY what happened.

The entirety of the season, and the entirety of Vancouver’s walk through the playoffs, is summed up by two points. That’s it, two points separated Calgary’s chance to play St Louis versus Chicago. The month of March saw Calgary choke in a way no NHL team has done in recent memory.

Despite the collapse it still came down to one single win. Two points alone, but instead during the stretch run Flames fans were treated with an NHL club that was beleaguered by injuries. What was worse, at crunch time the club could literally only field a minor league under staffed team.

The truth hurts, the management dropped the ball in a big way when they couldn’t even dress a full squad. Truth hurts, the top players were garbage, lead by Jokinen’s massive slump and Iginla’s no show in the playoffs. Truth hurts, Kipper was average and over played.

Big Changes or Minor Ones? Who’s Going to Take the Fall

A tongue in cheek commentary on the colossal collapse was written at Yahoo! for your enjoyment. Most everything was correct in the brief report.

The Flames, have huge questions to answer because apparently this year had the best team on paper. This year was just like the last four, a first round exit, so in reality, we paid more for the same product. Maybe we won’t throw bogus money to players like Nilson, Warrener, Primeau, who accounted for nearly five million dollars and hardly played a game. (I may be wrong regarding the cap hit of these players.)

Stay tuned to Flames Forum in the upcoming week to read on our take on who stays and who goes. We’ll start with the goalies and work our way to management…..yes, heads should roll, but not as many as we’d think or like.