A final note to thank you Flames, for your contribution and for a great regular season. Die-hard fans would like to appreciate your hard work because we were truly impressed by your performances in games 3 and 4.

It is obvious that many reasons have been attributed to your loss: the majority of your players were unable to play due to injuries; and many played despite injuries sustained to them; but, overall your motivation to out shoot your opponents and your efforts to win the majority of the face offs in games 3, 4, and 6 has been acknowledged. We admire your professionalism because you remained impartial and did not create animosity against your opponents.

From an optimistic perspective, remember, there are too many teams to compete with and winning the Stanley Cup encompasses numerous factors and not everyone accomplishes it. Nevertheless, it is optimal to keep in mind that unless every human being is true and honest with himself or herself there will always be biases and prejudices. That is one factor that we cannot change – we can only change the way we view things. For example, in 2004/05 you had almost won the cup; but due to some minor discrepancies, your efforts had gone unrecognized. At that time, it had been mentioned that, “someone did not want the Flames to win the cup” and that statement remains ingrained in our minds considering what had taken place during the playoffs. But, all things considered, Calgary Flames fans sincerely believe that it was the Flames who had won the cup – it had only been re-directed to Tampa Bay and that is a fact that cannot be erased.

Letting bygones be bygones, on behalf of all die-hard fans, you were the Champions then and you will always be our champions because you represent Calgary. The least we can do is to acknowledge that fact – words are not sufficient to thank you for making the effort.

Until September!!