In a surprise move that prove the rumour mills sometimes have an ounce of truth, the Calgary Flames traded soon to be unrestricted free agent Jay Bouwmeester. GM Sutter has less than a week to convince Bouwmeester to join the Flames.

The Flames moved pending UFA defenseman Jordan Leopold and the Flames’ third-round pick, which is less than what the Panthers were asking for and less than what they would have gotten had Jacques Martin traded Bouwmeester at the deadline.

Jay is from Edmonton and I remember playing against him… novice. Question is how will Calgary afford both Bouwmeester at around 5-6 million, and Phaneuf? People have noted that Calgary now has the chance for two stars….we have three since I’d throw in Regehr in the mix.

It also means Cammalleri is certainly gone, and probably Aucoin as well. It also means the dealings before July 1 aren’t done.

Jay-Bow has played his entire six-year career with the Panthers after being selected third overall by the club in 2002. He had 15 goals and 27 assists in 82 games this season.

There’s also a chance the Flames won’t do anything and will have traded away for Jay’s right for no return (which wouldn’t be THAT much of a loss).

So now the clock is ticking… certainly a re-emphasis on defence as shown in the first moves of the upcoming 2009-10 season.