The first installment of the Battle of Alberta came and went with both teams collecting lucky goals.

The Flames capitalized on theirs with 45 seconds left you expected the late comeback from the Oilers to trickle into overtime. Apparently Khabibulin had different ideas. Coming out of his net to play the puck, the new Oilers netminder fanned on the clearing attempt and gift wrapped an empty net game-winning goal to David Moss.

The lucky break was really a way for the ‘hockey gods’ to even things out as Edmonton’s tying goal came off a lucky bounce off one of the stantions that bounced right into the slot to a waiting Sam Gagne.

Nonetheless, Calgary will take the victory and a 2-0 record to start the season, although, all is not roses as glaring problems in their defensive and offensive game are already prevalent two games into the newly revamped team.

Calgary allowed over 30 shots for the second consecutive game, which isn’t that big of a deal given their wins, but it is a problem if the claim of the new 2009-10 season is better defence. So far despite their defensive power, they’ve let too many chances behind them.

On offence, the powerplay continues to perform with two goals, and the third line opened the scoring for the Flames. However, the top line was yet again left off the scoresheet and struggled all night to produce legitimate scoring chances.

Sam Gagne did his part to get his team going with the tying goal, but that coming only after his fight with none other than old man Conroy. Since falling on top of a player does not constitute a fight win, we’ll give the decision to Conroy for a couple of his blows that connected. You be the judge:


All lot to think about as Calgary welcomes the Canadiens to the Dome Tuesday, enough time to improve what’s supposed to be the strong part of their game–the defence.