Not even ten games into the regular season the Calgary Flames lined up against their provincial rivals for the third time, only this time on home ice. Both teams came into the game with exact same record, 6-2-1, Edmonton’s two losses courtesy of the Flames. One team would walk away with second place in the NW division tonight, and Calgary with a win could lead the season series by 3-0.

The crashing and banging got off to a quick start. Jarome Iginla took a seat in the box for ‘goalie interference’. The traffic in front that started early in the game likely contributed to the overall success of the Flames over Khabibulin who appears to have lost his ‘magic’ over the Flames. Edmonton scored on their PP.

One thing I hope leaves the game is the unnecessary stoppage to watch two goons beat the junk out of each other. I prefer some heat, some exchange, some passion, but when Macintyre and McGrattan only take one shift, and that one shift is to beat each other up, which McGrattan took the edge, then I don’t see the point. OK for fans but sort of pointless for the game.
Nonetheless is seemed to wake the Flames up as they went on to score four unanswered goals from the first to the second. The second line contributed the bulk of the scoring lead by the leading point getter so far–Rene Bourque.

Bourque got things going on another Edmonton PP scoring the second SH goal this season off a pretty 2v1 with Langkow. Nigel Dawes scored his 3rd of the season in the second, then one minute later the fourth line contributed. The Flames PP chimed in with a David Moss tip in; he’s back after a 4 game absence.

After the Flames fourth goal the penalty parade began with 36 minutes of penalties called in 8 minutes of play. Edmonton managed to score one on their powerplays, but Calgary’s PK stood up tall, also thanks to some posts.

Nigel Dawes contributed his second goal of the game giving Calgary the three goal cushion with seven minutes to play. Edmonton seemed to loose their wheels losing one-on-one battles at Calgary maintained most of the zone pressure.
“Oilers suck,” chants started creeping in around the 15 minute mark of the third period. Thankfully the cheers replaced the “bull$hit” cheers that resonated throughout the Dome after a slew of penalty calls against the Flames, most hard to miss, but some preeeetty weak.

Another win for our Flames, but noted absent were once again Jarome Iginla and Oli Jokinen (where is this dude folks?). When are these guys going to wake up? Put them back together because lately the scoring has been done by the second and fourth lines.