Calgary Puts in Disgraceful Effort Again

Outworked, outplayed, beat up, embarrassed, etc. I don’t know what it is about Chicago but Calgary can’t beat them. In EVERY SINGLE aspect of hockey the home team was outclassed. Before the game started it had all the markings of a doozy, in reality, the Flames packed it in and turned one of the worst performances of the season. Actually, the worst games for the Flames are against Chicago….sup with that?

The game turned in the second when Calgary packed it in and pretty much removed all doubt from the contradictory statement of Brent Sutter made to a reporter regarding the team’s passion (they don’t have it, or at least not tonight).

Personally, I hate to watch hockey when a big hit happens and someone needs to ‘avenge’ the hit and fight. Calgary tried to do that and got smoked each time. Not in the fights but in the ensuing powerplays. The reason the Flames thought it was necessary to drop the gloves and screw the team even more was because they themselves refused to hit. Hockey is game of position and you have to check to get position. For some reason Calgary folds the tent every time another team outhits them, tonight was such a night.

Flames Unresponsive to Sutter System

Calgary in absolutely every aspect was gut punched over and over. Not a single player showed up to play. Frankly, it’s clear, Calgary is NOT responding to Brent Sutter and his style of hockey. Now, before fans pack it in let’s take stock, they are the best Canadian team in the league and second in the division. However, since the start of the season it has been highly touted that the Sutter system was going to dominate.

THe addition of SEVEN MILLION dollars in Jay Bouwmeester was supposed to solve the problem on D. Turns out nothing can solve the crappy defense of Phaneuf and CO. and Calgary has shown they are actually WORSE on defense than last year.

Calgary can’t score, and they can’t defend. The biggest problem is defend. Tonight, Calgary got beat up bad.

They didn’t bother to show up for home fans. First period was 1-0, and 1-1 14 seconds into the second period (Jokinen scored folks). After that, they took offence to the fact they were getting their asses kicked in by Chicago and thus went to the b ox. Chicago can only laugh at the junk Calgary was throwing. What a disgrace from a team that supposed to be tough and hardhitting and stringent on D.

Where to go from here? Well only up. How can the team get any worse? How can certain players like Phaneuf play anymore like an individual? How can the team coast anymore than they do? Nowhere to go but up, but then again, every few games it’s the same story….the team doesn’t show up for a game after all the hype, in fact, they get embarrassed, and then maybe they turn it around for a few games.

So they’ll go on the road and regroup and come back home and show why they are an incomplete hockey team and nowhere close to getting out of the first round of the playoffs, which is ultimately the goal no? Yea, nowhere close folks, not even remotely close.