Riding the success of their captain, the Calgary Flames pulled into Anaheim looking to win a building they’ve found little success over the years. Fans at home could only hope the team would take another step forward in their development towards adopting the new Sutter style system and perhaps even put in a full 60 minute game.

Calgary came out sluggish but seemed to find their legs after a spirited tilt between McGrattan and Parros.
Some early powerplay time didn’t click, but Curtis Glencross potted his first goal in 9 games thanks to a Nick Boyton gaff that sent Glencross in alone.

Just when you thought Jamie Lundmark might have found a place back on the top club he started a first period momentum snowball against the Flames. Inexplicably Lundmark working deep in his own end passed the puck straight to the slot where the Anaheim player had a wide open net. The Flames were left standing still and the game was tied.

The second goal started with Dion Phaneuf playing soft defence against Corey Perry. Then the top line got caught out of position as Anaheim employed very wide points catching Iginla out of position. A point shot, a deflection, and 2-1. Two goals 1:08 apart and the Flames were down thanks to some brain farts from their top players.

Shots at the end of first 15-6 for the Flames!

Referees Start Calling Bogus Penalties in Second

What is with Anaheim? The Flames not only have problems winning but can’t seem to get a break from the zebras. First greasy Corey Perry throws himself into Kiprusoff and no call. Then two weak calls, one ‘hooking’ that gave the Ducks a 5v3. Then a bogus Nystrom penalty for ‘tripping’. Lots of dives from the Ducks tonight folks but at least no goals in the second.

Weak penalties or even non-calls are to be expected, yet when the same punk kid Corey Perry slams his elbow into Kipper’s face and doesn’t get called TWICE, you have to wonder what the referees are thinking.

Calgary managed over 40 shots for the first time in the season, but for 59 minutes they only put one past Giguere. Cue Jarome. Once again the captain put the team on his back and drove down end to end with 30 seconds left to play and put home the tying goal.

On the play, Ryan Getzlaf was caught badly out of position on the play which gave two Flames a clear break to the goalie–weird.

Overtime would be needed, but it didn’t solve anything with Calgary controlling most of the play, just like the regulation play. Shoot out would be needed.

Perry would shoot first and lost control of the puck: X
Dawes next: X

Getzlaf: X (pokecheck Kipper)
Jokinen: X (just hit Giguere like all 40 odd shots tonight, dude doesn’t save, he just stands there, but hey it works….)

Selanne: Cheeky top shelf goal that should be illegal in shoot-outs (you can’t stop the puck, but I guess he didn’t)
Glencross: X way wide.

Why Sutter didn’t go with the hottest player on the team, Iginla, even though he sucks at shoot-outs, will be asked in the post-game. But at least the team pulled out one point.