Three thoughts on tonight’s game: Kipper is money, the Flames don’t respond to protect him, and the reffing was an absolute joke.

Shut out number two this season for Miikka Kiprusoff in a very hostile environment. Facing over 40 shots, Kipper shut the door despite some serious traffic in front. It’s always tough to play Detroit, but one has got to wonder how much the Detroit coach is telling players to crash the crease to impede the goalie. What’s even more curious is why the Calgary Flames don’t respond.

When your top player (the goalie in this example) is routinely being interfered with, run, bumped, screened, you’d think someone would pay the price? Just like the Anaheim game, Detroit tried to put Kipper through the end boards, the Flames didn’t respond–but they got the two points.

If this was Vancouver then you’d see someone get a punch to the face, a broken leg, a black eye……But the Flames barely nudged people after the whistle…. Now I’m aware that you don’t want to take the only penalty, which is partly why Calgary has more points than Vancouver perhaps, but at SOME point you need to protect the goalie. (Remember the playoffs two years ago….nuff said.)

Second point, the referees did an abysmal job. There was no consistency in the game. Soft taps were called against the Flames but huge hooks on the Flames weren’t given a second glance. But let’s not dwell on the refs.

Thirdly, Kiprusoff is on his game and hopefully he gets some rest because we have to ride his stellar play all the way to the post-season. Tonight’s game was won on his back.

Despite being outshot Calgary struck early and often scoring in the first 30 seconds of the first and third period. Lundmark and Jokinen scored the 1st and 3rd goals, Dawes with the 2nd. Calgary didn’t generate many scoring chances but pounced on the ones they were given. It would be enough to backstop a victory tonight, great goaltending and timely goal scoring.

No chance to revel in the victory. Columbus tomorrow night for another tough test.