In a game with first place stakes, Calgary picked up from where they left off in the Minnesota game Friday, in the GUTTER. Fans couldn’t figure out who to blame: the atrocious penalty calling, or Calgary’s ineptitude–they eventually figured out it was Calgary’s atrocious play. With an incredible amount of money invested in the blue line, you can count on one hand (I gotta double check this) how many times the FLames have kept opposition teams to under 20 shots.

Today, 20 shots in the first period against, 13 in the second. that’s 33 shots–THIRTY THREE SHOTS– in two periods. The team is leaving Miikka Kiprusoff out to dry, nobody is showing for games anymore it seems except the netminder.

Massive penalty trouble plagued the Flames from the get go with Players careless and lazy play causing penalties.

Glencross alone had six minutes in the first. Iginla took 5 minutes in a completely useless fighting major against a garbage ‘hockey’ player Cody Mccormick. Add Aaron Johnson, Kronwall to the mix and you had a total of 10 minutes of short handed play and 20 minutes total.

In the second the same thing, the PP sucks, the PK was on the ice for most of the period, and Kipper with HUGE save after HUUUUGEEEE save. Vezina trophy winner thus far folks.

Calgary drew within one surprisingly on the PP with Girodano’s seeing eye shot. The top line generated NOTHING online and it didn’t help they spent the first period o nthe bench. Kipper was quiet in the third but Calgary was clueless on how to generate sustained offence.

It’s as if it’s finally come to pass that the team realised they are a bunch of nobody’s after the first line. When you can’t figure out who to play on the top line, or maybe nobody is good enough, the team is in TROUBLE.

Tough to criticize a team that’s off to their second franchise best start to the season, but the last three games, about the time when Lundmark returned to the AHL, the Flames have been struggling to do anything right. The third line checkers and fourth liners need to start chipping in and the top line needs to wake up. Only thing working is the goalie.

THIRD time Calgary’s lost to the division leading Avalanche. One has to wonder what ‘Sutter’s’ team is doing, certainly not playing defense, certainly not scoring, certainly not playing disciplined….what the heck are they playing?

Notes: The ice in Colorado was terrible which is odd, but maybe it’s an indication of the overall collapse of hockey in Colorado. There was either a huge snowstorm or the recession has hit the state hard, looked like 50% of the seats were empty.