Hawerchuk from Behind The Net Hockey compiled some basic stats from the past decade and listed the top players who turned up. The stats are pretty interesting.

For example, the Top 10 players list with the most games played in the past 10 years includes three Flames. Oli Jokinen is in fact the top Flames with 758 games played (good for second on the list), Langkow is number 8 with 745 games played, and Iginla tenth with 741 games.

The Top 10 players in the goals scored list is lead by none other than Jarome Iginla with 364. Hossa is the second player about 40 goals behind.

Iginla doesn’t make the Top 10 list for assists. For overall points, we find that Joe Thronton has lead in the past decade by a wide margin, about 80 points. Second would be Iginla with Alfredsson close by.

Pretty interesting to see Iginla dominate the list. Hopefully he’s got a few more years to significant numbers to his totals.