It’s tough to lose. It’s tough to lose consistently when the rest of the NW division is catching on fire (less Edmonton). It’s worse to do all those things and lose to the Vancouver — the cockiest and yappiest team in the history of all NHL (maybe that’s a bit of a stretch).

It also sucks that Calgary’s only consistent player, Kiprusoff, sucked the big one tonight letting in ridiculous goals. You know the rest of the team is tanking from lines 1-4, but when the goalie goes down the wheels come flying off.

One fan noted, less all the expletives, the following:

Uhh. Boo. Uhh. Cory Sarich Sucks. – Fan K.

Tonight nothing worked and the refs were happy to call all monstrous dives the Canucks made. Didn’t matter though, the game was all but loss by the time the penalty parade.

Good news, the Flames hit the crappy Oilers tomorrow to forget about the loss and you can bet they will come out with authority because a loss tomorrow means massive changes and trades. Or at least that ‘s what I’d demand.