The Calgary Flames made it four in a row with a home win versus the lowly (almost lower than the Oilers) Toronto Maple Leafs on retro night. I’m surprised people still cheer for this hapless team but alas, once a Leaf fan always a Leaf fan (at least in hiding.) Toronto gave Calgary a stern test which should make the Flames wonder what piece of the cog their missing from hitting the next level in their game. Nonetheless, the New Year started of f on the right note.

Calgary controlled the puck for most of the game and could have gone up early but a hot Toronto goalie stood in the way. The book on the Flames seems to be to keep the shooters to the perimeter, and it generally works. You don’t find many Flames crashing the net or forcing their way into the slot which might help increase scoring.

Speaking of scoring, Jarome Iginla got back into the mix with a goal and two helpers.

Toronto actually got the game going with a crashing the net style goal. Calgary had their own too when Iginla tied the game. The momentum swung permanently in the Flames favour after that. Adding to the scoring punch was Glencross a minute later, he would score an empty netter for his 10th of the season.

Nice to see Iggy back in the scoring column, albeit he needs to do it more consistency. I don’t like Glencross on the top line, but then again, I”m not the coach and the Flames are winning, although against teams they should be beating.

Calgary continues winning, but so does everyone else in the NW division. Vancouver is right behind trailing by only two points so it’s tight.

Notes: Dion PHaneuf left the game in the second with a knee tweak. Calgary outshot their opponents for the second game in a row 25-34.