** Just a note before I get this one started, if I get the time I’m going to write a short article on the correlation between teams that play the trap and playoff success and attendance. I bet there’s something to be said with boring hockey teams and performance overtime coupled with dwindling attendance. All that to say Columbus won’t make the playoffs because they are a boring team.**

Not that the Calgary Flames cared much, but they were stifled by a defensive/trapping hockey team. Calgary is TWO points away from 8th place in the NW division, that’s how tight it is. Yet, they are playing the most inconsistent hockey of the year. Without a doubt, January will make or break this team, and right now it looks like we won’t even make the playoffs. I don’t know what Sutter (either or) is talking about, how the team is on pace for 100 points, they are on pace for maybe 90 and that won’t be enough to even MAKE the playoffs.

Slumping Iginla and Co

I recognize the team is more than iginla, but without a worthwhile LW to play on the top line you can expect him to win game after game. But, you CAN expect him, along with HALF the team to SCORE once in a while. Too many players are on 25 goalless droughts. Maybe Theoren Fleury has a point, how many goals would HE have at this point? More than Conroy? Yea probably.

Tonight the Flames dominated periods 1 & 2 but then folded the tent for 3. Columbus generated few chances, but the times they caught the Flames sleeping they got their goals. Three to be exact, one more than Calgary.

The story needs to be the atrocious third period. Calgary will take those bad habits STRAIGHT to GM Place tomorrow night and will promptly get the crap kicked out of them. After that it will be two games in a row lost and Vancouver ahead in the standings for the first time in the year.

Maybe all the Phaneuf trade talk should go through, although I find it hard to believe Lecalvalier or even Kolvalchuk would be traded straight up for Phaneuf.

One thing is for sure, the team is in major trouble, they are no better than last year yet have the same money invested, and they are squandering all chances given to them. Easy games are lost and hard games are lost. SOMETHING needs to happen to spark this group of millionaires or it will all be over by February.

Oh well, at least we’re not Edmonton.