Kevin Weeks BLOWS as a CBC colour commentator. He’s boring, he’s monotonous, he’s monotone, and he’s in love with the Canucks. HE sucked to start the season and most of the country doesn’t know what type of garbage colour commentary he gives cause they’re asleep in the East. The guy is OVERTLY pro-VANCOUVER you’d think he was getting paid off. He should know MORE about the game since he actually played it, albeit as a career back up goalie. The man is a fool who has a hate on the entire Calgary Flames team and a love affair with marginal Alex Burrows. FIRE this ridiculous excuse for an announcer….mind you, it’s the lame CBC running the show, so they put the two worst people together cause they can’t afford anybody worthwhile. GARBAGE!

Please put your favorite idiotic Kevin Weeks posts below and we’ll maintain a running tally until he’s fired.