It seems as though every game between divisional rivals from now on will be a fight for first place in the NW. Winner takes first, loser goes to 8th, quite the jump. Tonight Calgary was trying to win two games in a row against top divisional teams. Saturday they beat Vancouver in a torrid affair, and tonight they faced the Colorado Avalanche for the fourth time this season. The Avs have beaten the Flames three times so far so Calgary had something to prove coming in.

The players responsible for picking up the team Saturday were back at it in the first period tonight. Brandon Prust, McGrattan, and even Regehr, all dropped their gloves in respective tussles. We’ll give Prust and McGrattan wins, and Regehr a draw. The Flames also jumped to life dominating the play for the first two periods less a 5 minute spell in the second.



Rene Bourque continues his pace by scoring his 17th late in the first period courtesy of Langkow. The old second line is back and firing on all cylinders. THe first line, although looks good on paper, is still MIA. MIA is bad folks, it means Jokinen, and more importantly Iginla, are NO WHERE OT BE FOUND. Sure they put in good shifts, but they are paid to score.

Secondary scoring has also been lacking for the Flames, but chalk one up for the fourth line pluggers after they combined for the second Flames goal thanks to Dustin Boyd’s 6th of the season.

Colorado was badly outplayed being outshot 24-16 after two. However, they took advantage of some brief pressure and some screens in front to tie the game up quickly.

Third period Calgary shot 22 shots against Anderson and dominated play, the Avs had no business staying in the game, but they were bailed out by their goalie.

Overtime would be needed and Calgary had a PP chance to seal the deal. In an interesting twist you do’nt see often, the Flames had a 5v3 chance in OT. After Colorado killed the penalties off they played 5v5 until the whistle to go back to 4v4 (with about a minute left).

A shoot out would be necessary and Calgary went with the same lineup as Vancouver but with different results. Dawes and Lundmark whiffed but Jokinen scored. Kipper stopped one of 3.

That meant for once in the season, Calgary dominated the other team (the positive side is they’re playing great hockey), but they were outclassed in net. Kiprusoff with one soft goal and no help in the SO, the Flames unable to score on Anderson–that was the game story.

Notes: Jarome Iginla and Jokinen absent again. No points for either, but Jokinen with the SO goal.