Since Vancouver Calgary has turned around the ship in terms of defensive play (almost 100%) and offense (over 30 shots for the fourth game in a row). The folks not turning it on is the first line, in particular Jarome Iginla. Iginla has picked an inopportune time to take his worst slump of year, not scoring a point in now five games. The difference tonight was really the top lines. Pittsburgh’s scored, Calgary’s didn’t. Crosby scored, Jarome didn’t.

Secondary scoring is lacking, as usual, but in reality the team is playing good hockey. The top line, lead by Iginla, may be working hard, but they are paid to score goals, and goals are hard to come by. Maybe ‘one of these games’ they’ll break out, but valuable points are being lost and the top players are, frankly, not playing like their the top players.

Offer your thoughts below, a short post game tonight.

Notes: Craig Conroy back in the line up, along with Jamie Lundmark. Steffan Kronwall to AHL, he cleared waivers.