Anaheim may not be playing well this season but they have the Flames’ number. All meetings this year have gone to Anaheim. Tonight, on a three game losing streak, Calgary started well, Oli Jokinen’s 10th gave them the early lead.

A minute later the house of cards came crashing down with three unanswered goals from Anaheim. A PP goal to start, then a weak goal against McElhinney, finished by soft defense by Dion ‘I got one hand on my stick’ Phaneuf, and there you had it, 3-1.

Calgary got life with 15 seconds left with Jamie Lundmark drew the team back to within 1.

The tide changed in the second when Giordano fresh off a penalty, and then Glencross both scored on the the breakaway to give the Flames the 4-3 lead.

In the third, two goals, one another weak goal against McElhinney (he’s probably done as a Flame after this season given his play as a whole), gave the Ducks the lead again.

Calgary couldn’t get things rolling for 60 minutes. They had moments of brilliance, but a ll the line juggling and third line pluggers passing off as first line C or LW don’t combine to make a Stanley Cup team.

And that’s the thing, the Flames can barely make the playoffs with a league max payroll, to think they even have a remote chance to be a Stanley Cup team…..not a chance. Not with lackluster players like Dion Phaneuf, big bust ‘first line’ C, and one star player who hasn’t scored a goal in seven games.

Say goodbye Flames fans, it will be another first year exit for this overrated team, assuming they even make it.