This is what I predict: the Flames will beat Edmonton Saturday and turn their season around. If they don’t, it’s all over and we can safely say that this team is worse than the ‘Young Guns’ teams from the early nineties.

Tonight, Calgary lost yet again, although showed some good signs. The team looks like one that’s stuck in training camp mode without the intensity. Top players are still losers on the ice. Bouwmeester is now worse than Phaneuf! Iginla is absent, nobody can score, although Backlund got his first NHL goal.

The only consistent players continue to be Giordano and Kiprusoff. The rest of the team is potentially on the block. Maybe take Iginla out of the equation but I wouldn’t shed a tear if anybody else was shipped far far away.

By the way, you know who has more points than Jokinen? Lomardi, by one, who now plays for Phoenix. Lame.

The only real good news is that all the folks at FlamesCentral were at least in it for a good cause raising money for Haiti.