**TSN Confirmed***

The rumor mills from some reputable sources are heating up over at TSN that Dion Phaneuf has been traded for a bag of hockey pucks. The overpriced but highly touted Phaneuf was traded to Toronto for two unrestricted free agents, one at the end of his career, the other an underachieving LW, a defenceman who’s a notch above Cory Sarich, and Hagman.

Darren Dreger reported a blockbuster trade that will see Calgary pick up White, Stajan, Mayers, and Hagman for Phaneuf, Aulie, and Sjostrom. To me this sounds like way too much given away by Calgary. Phaneuf is improving although still below expectations, but replacing him with White, a cheaper Cory Sarich, and giving away a prized defensive prospect in Aulie isn’t the answer. This is a loose for the Flames. Stajan and Hagman will give us some relief up front, but they aren’t the scoring touch we need.

If Sutter literally ‘gives away’ Phaneuf I can’t see fans being thrilled even if it is the bad ass Phaneuf. Sutter DID give Phaneuf away. More details to come.