The news finally went through, a day late, but it’s final.

Some bad news coming out of Flames land yet again, this time another deal, which would be considered blockbuster if it weren’t for yesterday’s transaction, with under-performing centerman Oli Jokinen at the heart of the matter.

The deal involves Jokinen and Prust to NY Rangers for Ales Kotalik (remember him from Edmonton) and Chris Higgins.

Update: Nobody seems to know why Calgary is stalling the deal, and Jokinen will be in the lineup tonight. What this seems to indicate is that the NY Rangers ‘sources’ leaked the info and Calgary side has kept tight lipped. Jerks.

Update 2: The call finally went through. Tough to be Jokinen on this one, and Prust for that matter. Having to play in a game when you know you’ll be traded after….not cool on the blokes from NY who leaked this trade.

Flames fans, after Monday night’s loss to Philly, will be sad with this trade. Why? Because we get a player who DEFINITELY doesn’t want to be here in Kotalik, and certainly won’t be playing hard. He’ll just be a 3 million dollar bust. So we just went average to WORSE.

Higgins may be a good fit, but even he’s ICE COLD and hasn’t scored all season. Just what we need, another ‘used to be talented’ hockey player.

So basically Calgary doesn’t have any talent left and seem to be throwing in the towel on the season. WIthout the gift of foresight you can’t help but see it any other way.