You are the heart of diehard fans who always thrive to see you succeed; whether it is against the Edmonton Oilers or the Chicago Blackhawks. Whether you win some or lose some, our feelings never change.

The month of January had been terrible for everyone: for you and your loyal fans and it had been difficult to keep pace with the pessimistic comments from some of the rival team’s fans. However, the hardest hit came from the recent blockbuster trades because we lost some of our precious players. It was beyond belief and made every fan in Calgary outrageous. We realize that it must have been harder for some of you who lost your line mates.

Letting bygones be bygones, on behalf of all Calgary Flames fans, we wish the best for you with heartfelt sincerity. Be it Backlund, Bourque or Boyd; Conroy, Dawes or Glencross; Hagman, Higgins or Iginla; Kotalik, Langkow or Lundmark; Mayers, McGrattan or Moss; Nystrom, Stajan or Bouwmeester; Giordano, Johnson, or Pardy; Regehr, Sarich or White; Kiprusoff or McElhinney:

“You are all very special and important” because you represent Calgary and you mean the world to us.

Your slumps may be disappointing; but your successes are exhilarating. We shine with pride when you come back from two or three goal deficits and grab the two points; but when you win by five we are on cloud nine and when you lose in OT or SO we are glad that you achieved a point.

So, the bottom-line?

Die-hard fans are here to support you and stand by you. We long to see the games televised on CBC, Sportsnet and TSN – and, if the games are not televised, we strive for the best in the west The Fan 960…. we are always there in your shadow! [Or buy the PPV]

Our presence may not be as conspicuous, but like a shining star, we are there to spread a ray of hope. When you face challenges, we cheer loud and clear so that you can be destined to meet with success in every endeavour. You are always in our hearts, thoughts and prayers and we are proud to have you as part of our Calgary Flames Hockey Club.

We are the Sea of Red
Go Flames Go