At this point of the year every game is crucial because if you’re out of a playoff spot before the Olympics, you probably aren’t going to the post-season this year. Turns out the Calgary Flames players haven’t got that message yet.

Even following Calgary’s monster trades have really fixed NOTHING. In fact, tonight, the only person who scored was a Dallas player in his own net.

Morrow potted the puck, or rather wired a shot, into his own goal to give the Flames the lead. Jarome Iginla should take note, he spends the entire second half of the season up to this point floating around the edges, and when he drives to the net he gets rewarded. Huh, what a concept, fight harder for the middle of the ice!

Although Calgary had some early pressure their powerplay looked atrocious, which in a sense makes sense since they’ve changed up half of each PP unit. But with six chances after two periods, you have to have more than one goal (which was scored by Dallas). Whenever the Flames had a chance Marty Turco came up with the easy saves.

Think of it like this, 1/3 of the Flames were changed mid season (or just a bit more). So every game, AT LEAST a 1/3 of the game will be nonsense with players trying to figure out where each other is and how complete passes. Compound that with the Flames’ existing ineptitude to move their feet and create scoring chances and you’re pretty much guaranteed that every game will consist of 40-50% minimum of ‘Flames ineptitude’. Tonight was no different.

The teams traded penalties all night but Dallas was the one who eventually stole the momentum after scoring on their PP chance (ringing off Kipper’s face…ouch.) Calgary took two too many men penalties–a clear indicator that the team has no clue what they’re doing and communication is brutal. But what do you expect after tons of last season trades?

With PLAYOFFS on the line and heck, even pride, the Flames came out in the third period FLYING. No wait–that was Dallas.

The Stars came out hard and Calgary had no answer. Always one step behind and incapable of generating worthy scoring chances. Yes they had 30 shots on goal, but 25 of them were from the outside. Calgary showed little grit or heart in the second last game before the Olympic break. Not a good sign if anybody wants to play in the post-season.

Calgary thought they’d tied the game with 11 seconds left, even though the ref signaled a goal and video was inconclusive, the replay officials called NO GOAL. But who are we kidding. The hapless Flames had no business winning things game, they should have been booed and laughed out of the building in yet another home game loss. Pathetic. These idiots better come up with something solid during the Olympic break or the Sutter’s can go back to their farm after systematically wrecking this franchise from top to bottom (foreshadowing here).

Notes: At least Edmonton is still worse, but who would’ve though Calgary could potentially be contemplating a race for top pick in this year’s draft?! Oh wait, we don’t even have a first rounder…. not even a second rounder…. why does this franchise even bother?!