Is it just me or are you embarrassed as a Canadian to watch women’s hockey at the Olympics? In it’s fourth Olympics the competition hasn’t gotten any better. In fact, the HUGE disparity between countries is a sad testament to hockey development and an indication that it’s completely outside of the spirit of the Olympics to maintain. Some agree with me and suggest that the sport should be dropped by 2018.

Think of it like this, Canada destroyed Slovakia by a 18-0 margin. Slovakia in turn destroyed Bulgaria 82-0. Your kids tyke team could do better. That’s embarrassing and clearly points out that developing nations can’t put out a product that rivals Canada or the US. They don’t have the money for development and likely never will. The product will eventually get better, and we may have to sit through blowouts as the sport grows, but in the meantime it’s not worthwhile to watch Canada run up the score on hapless competitors. Your thoughts?

Yes, Canadians are good, really good, we know that, but the rest of the world less the USA are so bad that Bulgaria vs. Canada final score would be 1476-0. Or one goal every two seconds.

It’s time to put women’s hockey to rest until the competition is actually that–competitive. It’s sad to watch and a joke to the whole Olympics. I can’t stand to watch puppies being beaten on relentlessly so I won’t be watching women’s hockey until they reach the finals against the US.