Brodeur and Babcock to Blame

The Own the Podium campaign has been a bust. But everyone has said so long as we win gold in hockey we’ll put up with the below average performance by the rest of the Olympians. But what happens if we lose in the quarters?

Canada’s national pride was taking out back yet again and spanked hard. The dream team? The super team? Try a bunch of hockey players performing like the rest of the Olympic team–subpar. Canada lost to an average American squad 5-3 who capitalized on mistakes and rode a hot goalie to victory.

Canadians aren’t happy. Twitter is rampant with people casting blame here and there, but frankly the blame rests squarely in two places: Brodeur and Babcock.

@dtjbrown said: Mike Babcock is and idiot. Here’s a guy who coaches by the names on the back, not the crest on the front.

True words indeed. Let’s take a step back and scrutinize the team from top to bottom.

Sydney Crosby: Syd the Kid certainly hasn’t owned a thing and is being overshadowed by Russian rival Ovechkin. Crosby is creating chances but could use Iginla on the RW more often to round out the first line. He needs to pick up game to superstar value.

Rick Nash: Big body on the top line, not scoring, but not playing bad.

Mike Richards: Kills penalties and is a non-factor on the top line. PLEASE put him where he belongs–fourth line.

Joe Thornton: Part of the SJ line that’s creating some chances. Would like to see more assists from t he assist leader. Again, needs to pick up his game to a gold medal level.

Danny Heatley: He’s playing quite well, needs to keep scoring.

Patrick Marleau: The knock on him was he folds under the spotlight. He’s the weakest link on the the second lien and if he doesn’t pick up his game he’ll be remembered as such forever.

Corey Perry: No clue why he made the team and he’s a liability. Does nothing on the ice and is consistently beat on t he ice. He should be the fourth line spare but Babcock doesn’t w ant to give up the ‘Anaheim connection’, Canad will suffer for it.

Eric Staal: Again, part of the third line and did nothing the first two games but scored once against the US. He needs to bring his game to a whole new level because the entire third l ine is a huge disappointment.

Ryan Getzlaf: Size and grit fit o n the third line, he needs new wingers though. Period. Of course Babcock won’t change that.

Jarome Iginla: Scores and performs on the first line when Babcock wants to put the best players on the ice. Hat-trick against Norway but then put to the fourth line for Swiss game and to start the US.

Jordan Toews: Kills penalties and sets up some chances. Performs with limited fourth line duty.

Brenden Morrow: Energy provided but nothing much more.

Patrice Bergeron: Try him on the third line instead of just taking defensive zone faceoffs.

On defence.

Scott Niedermeyer: Roves around and is playing up to form with some tense moments when he gets caught up ice.

Dan Boyle: Another SJ player that is starting to get caught up ice more than doing what he’s supposed to do—play D.

Chris Pronger: Why is on the team again?

Drew Doughthy: Is being put into too many positions to ‘shine’ by the coaching staff. He’s playing well when called upon but you can tell he’s inexperienced. Less time for him… but then again, who would replace?

Duncan Keith & Keith Seabrook: Don’t play a regular shift but play w hen called upon.

Shea Weber: Apparently he’s the best we have for first line D man on the PP. Big BIG mistake. He does nothing but stand on the point and shoot the puck wide. Sad choice.

Lastly Martin Brodeur: Twice he made dumb rookie mistakes by show boating in net against the US and consequently was the main reason why Canada lost. It will be very interesting to see if he’ll play again.

Mike Babcock: Let’s be frank Babcock can’t handle the spotlight. Also, he insists on playing his preconceived line combos even if nothing is happening. Iginla plays on the top line instead of the fourth and rings in goals but he insists on playing Richards or whomever.

The PP looks weak, goalie selection questionable, etc. We HAVE the right players because they are the best, we DON’T have the system down even when other teams are playing with fright. That means the coaches need to step up, put the right team together instead of letting friends play together, and enable the team to meet expectations.

If they don’t, some of these players will forever be remembered as the team that choked at home an embarrassed a nation.