A goal with 1 minute left with FOUR Flames players standing around doing nothing. The game tonight was the reverse of last night’s tussle loss against Vancouver. Tonight Calgary showed up in the first period but shut it down for the other two. They were outworked, outclassed, couldn’t capitalise on chances (league’s worst powerplay right here folks–probably ten years in a row), and they couldn’t care less.

It’s lame when the coaches and fans want to slam doors and smash sticks in a show of passion. Nobody on the ice seems to care. The Calgary Flames will eek out a playoff spot only if Nashville loses tons of games. Right now, 77 games into an 82 game season, they couldn’t care LESS about playing CONSISTENT hockey.

EVERYONE on the team is a massive disappointment less two: Giordano and Kiprusoff. Everyone else is now expendable and clearly doesn’t care to play for a job (including new fat contracts in Matt Stajan and Rene Bourque who only contribute every third game).

Tonight the game turned on Calgary’s inability to score on a 4 minute powerplay and a penalty shot. Detroit on the other hand battled hard to get their two screened goals. The top line yet again stunk out the join going -1. So many questions are finally answered after this crucial game: the Calgary Flames are a bunch of misfits that have zero scoring, suffer from poor management, and don’t bother to show up for 60 minute games.

Seriously, when was the last time you said, “man they showed up for 60 minutes tonite….”? Not this season.

And think about this, if the Flames somehow make it to the playoffs, their dismal hockey effort will have them embarrassed in the first series 0-4.

Let heads role, this one was lost month’s ago.