The Calgary Flames need to win 9 of their last 10 to make the playoffs.

It confuses why million dollar hockey players can’t wake up in time for an afternoon game. Rene Bourque in particular, even though he’s been playing soft since his huge contract extension, was exceptionally lazy tonight. Rene Bourque has stopped scoring, stopped passing, stopped battling, and stopped hitting.

Thats just what the Flames need, players taking nights off because they’ve locked up a fat contract.

Calgary was badly outplayed in the first period and could’ve gone down 3-0 if it wasn’t for some lucky saves by Vesa Tokola who started the game. But he didn’t last very long.

Miikka Kiprusoff replaced him after Tokola let in two soft goals basically losing the game before the mid-way point of the second period. Backup goaltenders have something like 10 wings in 5 years for the Flames, this aft it was no different.

Daymond Langkow left the game on a stretcher after taking a slapshot to the spine. The lame referees didn’t call the cross check on the play. Simply put, if it was the Flames who cross checked someone into the shooting lane it would be an immediate penalty.

Right after the Langkow left Ian White scored to draw within one, but Calgary couldn’t sustain any pressure and had ZERO edge to their game.

The top line, suffering mightily from Bourque and Stajan operating at 75% while Jarome Iginla play the one man show. They went minus AGAIN. You need your best players to step up and score, and yet again in this game 66% of the line didn’t battle enough.

Defencemen stood tall–scoring that is–they scored all three Calgary goals (Nystrom later credited with the goal). Not a single forward scored today and could barely carry the puck towards the net. This pathetic sad form of hockey has no business playing in the playoffs.

Notes: Cory Sarich looked very weak, sit him for Pardy. More injuries for the Flames with Mayers out with a leg injury (he should be OK). Langkow will be out for a while, and that means someone will have to come up from the farm club (or McGrattan plays).