Mathematically the Flames are still in the hunt for the playoffs. Realistically they have to win ALL of their games for the rest of the season to have a chance. FAT chance. When you can BARELY get 20 shots on goal against the third worst team in the NHL you have ZERO Business being in the playoffs. We should have known this team was a goner in January, but we held hope…..only to be let down.

The night marked Eric Nystrom’s visit to NY, the same place his dad’s a hero. Nystrom did his part having a two point night. The ‘top line’, whoever they are, were full of lazy players (Bourque is either coasting or injured because his play is atrocious). Top line went -2.

This all spells INABILITY to prepare for game and a simply lack of heart. Good job Flames, you’re done and made this city a laughing stock in hockey. (But at least Edmonton’s worse).