Flames Free Agency Frenzy Land Tanguay and Jokinen

Flames Free Agency Frenzy Land Tanguay and Jokinen

The Calgary Flames did make some moves, but most fans will be sitting around rolling their eyes with the hands in the air in a show of surrender.

Apparently in order to play for the Flames your Dad had to play for the Flames (Reinhart and Ramage in the draft) or you had to have played for the Flames in the past (Tanguay and Jokinen).

Alex Tanguay, LW who was a UFA who played for Tampa last season, will return to the Flames for one season at 1.7 million.

A surprise move, but one I saw as a possibility at trade deadline last season is Olli Jokinen who will return to the Flames on a new 2 year deal. I don’t mind the move because I think Jokinen has something huge to prove. I just wonder about the money involve. Seems as though the deal is worth 6 million over 2 years.

Fact is, these players, including Iginla and Langkow, can’t get any worse!

Looks like the Flames don’t want to keep Brian McGrattan, who did well punching people in the face, and instead replaced him with Raitis Ivanans. Not sure the point of just swapping goons when one was working fine….probably something else involved (money?).

I can’t see this being the end, but think of it: we needed a #1 C. Now we have 3 #2 C in Langkow, Stajan, and Jokinen. Hopefully one of them asserts themselves as a bondafide #1.

So that means after it was all said and done this is how the original Jokinen deal panned out:

$$$ to sign Cammalleri, Lombardi, Prust, #1 draft pick = Jokinen (now at slightly less money).

What do you think of the deals? ENough? Not enough? Same old junk?

Notes: Also of note, Nigel Dawes and his bargain 800K contract and 14 goals was put on waivers. He cleared and will be bought out. Kotalik is still a blight on the Flames payroll, no word on his status.

You can write off Higgins from returning after Tanguay arrives, but then again, stranger things have happened.

Nystrom is also off to Minnesota.

4 thoughts on “Flames Free Agency Frenzy Land Tanguay and Jokinen

  1. A huge welcome note for Tanguay and Jokinen! ….. .however, the uncertainty still remains about Nystrom going to Minnesota! That is another big loss for the Calgary Flames Hockey Club!

  2. Too weird like the twillight zone but remember they aren’t young anymore. I am now slightly interested for the hockey season to start….

  3. Not sure what to think… Hope they both prove everyone wrong cause right now we are the laughing stock of the NHL.

  4. It seems that someone knows what they are doing and hopefully they will succeed in their endeavours. However, if the team has become “the laughing stock in the NHL” then it is because of lack of performance particularly towards the end of the season.

    Hence, as die-hard fans, we can only hope that the players can revive their motivation and become as determined as other teams in the NHL.

    Go Flames Go!!!

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